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Seminars Attended by Dr. Saylor

In order to remain on the forefront of dental technology and techniques, Dr. Saylor attends conventions and seminars to gain as much knowledge as possible…

By doing so Dr. Saylor is able to bring the most advanced and sophisticated techniques to our Brandon cosmetic dental practice, so you can gain the best results possible.

Conventions Attended

Dr. Saylor and team attended the Florida National Dental Convention in Orlando June 14-16, 2007. Everyone attended classes and were able to see new technology and dental items.

May 6-10, 2008 – Dr. Saylor and team attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session in New Orleans, LA. This is the top dental convention for cosmetic dentists. The focus this year was on direct bonding, new techniques in shade matching and natural looking aesthetics. Dr. Saylor and team took courses featuring several world renowned speakers in these subjects.

Seminars Attended

April 2014

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD) Annual Scientific Session in Orlando, FL

January 2014

  • Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) course @ Spear Institute in Scottsdale, AZ

November 2013

  • Six Month Smiles in Atlanta GA
  • Kois Biomechanics II in Seattle, WA

October 2013

  • Restorative Excellence Sarasota FL

September 2013

  • Pascal Magne Esthetic Posterior Restorations- Mastering Direct, Semi-Direct and Indirect Techniques in San Francisco, CA
  • Spear Faculty Summit in Scottsdale AZ
  • Spear Study Club Symposium Scottsdale AZ

August 2013

  • Mentor/Instructor of Mastering Composite Designs @ the Spear Institute in  Scottsdale, AZ
  • Annual Office Planning meeting with Bryant Consultants in Nashville, TN

July 2013

  • E4D Cad-Cam Design of Anterior Crown and Veneer Fabrication by Dr. Suh and Lee Culp in  Raleigh Durham, NC

June 2013

  • Spear Study Club Chicago IL

May 2013

  • Kois – Biomechanics I
  • Spear Study Club Anterior Esthetic Excellence in Scottsdale, AZ

January, February, March and April 2013

  • M-Plant hands-on Implant course by oral surgeon John H Hardeman DDS in Brandon, FL

March 2013

  • E4D Cad-Cam Design Course Raleigh Durham, North Carolina
  • Academy of Osteointegration National Symposium (Implants) in Tampa, FL

February 2013

  • E4D Cad-Cam Design Course in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

January 2013

  • Pascal Magne Advanced Anterior Bonding Protocols in San Francisco, CA

October 2012

  • Kois Course III Restorative /Periodontal Interface in Seattle, WA

September 2012

  • Mentor/Instructor of Facially Generated Treatment Planning @ the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Russell DeVreugd Seminar in Raleigh Durham, NC

May 2012

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Annual Scientific Session in Washington DC

April 2012

  • Six Month Smiles in Orlando, FL

March 2012

  • Spear Excellence in Composite Restorations in Scottsdale, AZ

January 2012

  • Spear Restorative Design in Scottsdale, AZ

November 2011

  • Invisalign in Tampa, FL

September 2011

  • Newton Fahl DDS – Mastery in Direct Composite Veneers in Brazil

August 2011

  • Advanced Endodontics by Clifford J. Ruddle D.D.S. in Santa Barbara, CA

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