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Our Commitment

Our desire is to serve adult patients who are discerning, health-centered and are seeking individualized care as well as an authentic long-term relationship with their dental office…

We are a team of highly skilled, professional individuals who work together to impact our patients’ lives in profound ways. We strive to do so by providing clinical services at a master level. Wellness and education are the cornerstones of our practice as it is our desire to provide our patients with the tools necessary to take control of their dental health and dental esthetics.

Our intention is to have each patient receive the least amount of dentistry possible over their lifetime. This can be accomplished with completing a comprehensive exam, having a detailed master plan and arresting dental disease at the first sign of problems. Doing so will enable the least invasive and least costly dentistry over the long run, thus achieving predictable, natural looking, long-term solutions.

With high quality cosmetic procedures combined with an award-winning cosmetic dentist, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality results tailored for longevity.

We are committed to maintain an atmosphere of trust, respect, warmth and friendship between team members and with our patients.

Discover more about our treatments and services performed by Dr. Larry Saylor by contacting us at our Brandon cosmetic dental practice near Tampa.

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