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Bite Correction

Your bite plays a big role in how your mouth looks and functions in daily life…

Malocclusion in the form of underbites, overbites or crossbites can cause a wide range of dental issues and impact on your facial esthetics. The misalignment of your jaw can affect your whole mouth and body, including:

  • Tooth pain caused by loose fillings, broken crowns or chipped and crooked teeth
  • Gum withdrawal
  • TMJ which can result in clicking or popping of the jaw, difficulty opening or closing the mouth and ringing in the ears
  • Muscle pain such as headaches or sinus pain

At his Tampa cosmetic dental practice, Dr. Saylor can help align your bite…

If you suffer from a stiff jaw, severe headaches, grinding teeth (bruxism), neck pain or jaw pain, these conditions may be associated with your misaligned bite. Dr. Saylor will thoroughly assess your condition in order to recommend the appropriate treatment that best suits your needs.

Enhance your dental health and appearance with our bite correction treatment performed by Dr. Larry Saylor by contacting us at our Brandon cosmetic dental practice near Tampa.

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