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Pain Free Dentistry

We believe your dental experience at our Brandon practice should be pleasant and pain-free…

This is why we are pleased to announce that we are now using the STA System of anesthesia for our patients. This computer-controlled injection system has been shown in studies to decrease patients’ fear levels by 75-80% over traditional needle injections- after only one use!

Gone are the days of lingering numbness on the lips or face…

This anesthesia system targets the precise area of the mouth to be treated, leaving the rest of your mouth completely unaffected. Using this method also reduces the need for multiple injections, allowing you to have a more comfortable experience with us.

The best thing about this treatment is you will not feel the injection and will receive instant, profound anesthesia for the specified area – be it one tooth, or several – without needing additional numbing of the tongue and lip tissue.

The STA system works by notifying the clinician that the needle has entered the correct injection site by providing a series of tones and lights, avoiding the need for more invasive techniques.

Experience the true benefit of pain-free dentistry with Dr. Saylor by contacting us at our Brandon cosmetic dental practice near Tampa.

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