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Six Month Smiles

Do you want to get your beautiful new smile fast?

It’s possible with Six Month Smiles®! This orthodontic treatment utilizes clear braces that combine advanced orthodontic technology, modern materials and innovation for a faster, less invasive option for adults. The Six Month Smiles® treatment uses these specialized clear braces to exert gentle pressure on your teeth until they are aligned in an average time of six months!

Is the Six Month Smiles® treatment right for you?

If you want a straighter, more beautiful smile that works faster than the average orthodontic treatment, then Six Months Smiles® may be beneficial for you. This treatment is ideal for those who:

  • Require a fast solution
  • Cannot undergo obvious treatments (such as traditional braces) due to their work requirements
  • Are self-conscious about their smile and desire a discreet solution

Ready to straighten your smile fast? Discover the rapid results of Six Month Smiles® by contacting us at our Brandon cosmetic dental practice near Tampa.

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